• 程序启动: 2023年秋季
  • 所有申请人应 apply through the Graduate Centralized 应用程序 Service (GradCAS)
  • GradCAS 应用程序 Portal for fall 2023 admission open date: 2022年9月8日
  • Priority application deadline for full-time enrollment: 2023年4月1日
  • Final application deadline for full-time and advanced standing admission: 2023年5月1日
  • Final application deadline for part-time enrollment: 2023年8月1日


M.S.W. 校园的计划

(Traditional face-to-face, hybrid blend of campus and online)

  • All complete applications are reviewed for admission as they are received, and admission decisions are made on a rolling basis by the program admission committee.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply early for scholarship award consideration.
  • 鼓励全职和高级申请人在5月1日之前申请,以便进行实地实习规划. 早期申请者有更广泛的实习机会,可以在暑假前获得实习机会.
  • 澳客网官网首页 communicates all status updates, notifications, and admissions decisions via email.

For specific academic dates, please view the 澳客网官网首页学历.




Specific application information for the campus-based Advanced Standing M.S.W. Progam can be found at the bottom of this page.


澳客网官网社会工作学院校园项目(CBP)参与了 Graduate Centralized 应用程序 Service (GradCAS). All applicants are required to apply online through this service.

您可以在线访问澳客网官网社会工作学院在线课程(OP)申请. All online applicants are required to apply through this portal.



Completion of Bachelor’s Degree from a U.S. regionally accredited institution, or international equivalent, prior to matriculation.

  • 所有申请人都必须提交所就读学院和大学的正式成绩单. 详情请参阅 GradCAS (CBP)或网上申请(OP) for additional information and instructions.
  • 尚未完成学士学位的申请人必须提交当前的正式成绩单.
  • All official 成绩单 should be sent directly to GradCAS (CBP) or uploaded to the 在线 application (OP).
  • 应用程序s are reviewed holistically as a determination of academic readiness. 招生委员会重视成绩单上显示的以往学术表现,并将其视为审核过程的一部分.

Two references are required* – submitted via GradCAS (CBP) or 在线 (OP).

  • 推荐信应该来自能够证明你的学术能力和/或专业经验的人.
  • 所有推荐申请都通过GradCAS (CBP)或在线申请(OP)服务以电子方式发送.

*References from friends or family members are not acceptable.

  • All applicants are required to demonstrate graduate-level writing skills.
  • 请参阅GradCAS (CBP)或在线申请(OP)了解具体的写作提示和其他信息.
  • 需要一份当前的简历或简历,并应直接上传至GradCAS (CBP)或在线申请(OP).


  • Official credential evaluation by 世界教育服务处, confirming degree and grade equivalency to that of a U.S. 学士学位. 完整的证书评估应直接发送澳客网官网GradCAS (CBP)或您的在线招生专员(OP). 详情请参阅 国际招生 部分,以获取更多澳客网官网首页入学审查所需的证书评估类型的信息.
  • 第一语言不是英语的申请人必须通过成功完成联合国批准的英语语言能力测试来证明书面和口语流利.
  • 申请人应参阅 英语语言能力 page on the 澳客网官网首页 website for specific information and minimum score requirements.
  • 请参阅GradCAS (CBP)或在线申请(OP)的考试成绩提交说明./li>

Advanced Standing Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)项目

高级站立M.S.W. 校园计划(CBP)的学生可以通过一年的全日制或两年的兼职注册来完成该计划. Completion of the advanced standing M.S.W. online program (OP) typically takes between 16 and 28 months.

Applicants are required to meet all the requirements listed above for the traditional M.S.W. track, as well as the following additional requirements/documents:

  • Submission of an official transcript reflecting conferral of a Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) degree from a CSWE accredited B.S.W. program, preferably within the last seven (7) years.
  • 完成相当于澳客网官网本科基础课程的课程,成绩为“B”或更好的优先考虑.
  • Evidence of field placement with M.S.W. 监督. 请提交现场评估的副本和完成的现场时数的验证作为申请的一部分.
  • One reference must come from a faculty member within your previous B.S.W. 可以与你的学术能力对话的项目(这可以作为必要的推荐之一).
  • 在授予学士学位之前提交完整申请的申请人,在满足上述所有要求的情况下,可能会被有条件地录取.
  • 一个B.S.W. 4+1 students have unique requirements and should refer to 澳客网官网首页's GradVantage guidelines.

作为申请的一部分提交的所有材料都将成为澳客网官网首页的财产,不会退还或释放澳客网官网任何人, 包括申请人. This policy includes letters of reference, primary and secondary applications, 个人陈述, 成绩单, 及其他配套材料.

Due to continuing developments with COVID-19, 为了大学的健康和安全,一些申请要求和流程可能会在周期内发生变化, 员工, and prospective students/applicants. We appreciate your flexibility and consideration.

  • 已经制定了政策,以确保所有申请人的公平和一致的录取实践
  • 本摘要中列出的所有标准均可根据专业认证要求进行更改, changes in curriculum or other institutional standards, and clinical affiliation requirements
  • Exceptions to existing admission policies are rare and made on a case by case basis, 只有在认为有必要和适当的情况下,才能对所有候选人保持公平和一致的做法, 而不是个别候选人


  • 完成最低成绩为“B”的课程,最多可转9个学分,相当于澳客网官网首页 SSW基础课程
  • P/F courses will not be accepted for transfer credit
  • 选修课程或社会工作以外的课程将不被考虑转学分
  • 所有课程必须在预计入学七(7)年内完成

Applicants petitioning for transfer credits must include the following

  • 职业陈述,包括申请转到澳客网官网社会工作学院的原因
  • 教学大纲, with detailed readings and assignment descriptions, for each course being submitted for transfer credit

转学生必须遵守入学时有效的学位要求升学计划(注:个别规定可能会导致学生在入学时被录取), 有时, increase the total credit hours required for graduation from the 社会工作学院)

SSW可能要求转学生参加SSW 526整合临床和社区框架作为其发展计划的一部分.


  • Per CSWE, academic credit is not given for life experiences or previous work experience


  • 教师演示
  • 开放的房子
  • 在线聊天




For more information, contact our 波特兰的校园 office at (207) 221-4225 or gradadmissions@lbm-efo.com.

We are located in Hersey Hall room 108 at 716 Stevens Ave.,波特兰,缅因州.