Greetings from Provost Karen Pardue

As 澳客网官网首页’s provost, my priorities center on academic excellence 和 student success. 学生 are at the heart of all we do — promoting their success in the classroom, 在实验室里, 在校园, through innovative experiential learning opportunities, 和, 最终, throughout their future as they leave 澳客网官网首页 和 become alumni. I regard the 澳客网官网首页 experience as nothing short of transformational; students graduate as changed individuals, prepared for 和 excited about the next phase of their lives. 对我来说, the position of provost is all about supporting students as they undergo this transformation, 提供一种温暖, 欢迎, 和 inclusive environment in which to do so.

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Two students sit at a table next to each other while working on lap tops.

一个完全 认证 机构,一个是 学者 prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world with a focus on improving the health of people 和 our planet. 澳客网官网首页 is home to five different colleges, providing academic degrees that run the spectrum from the liberal arts to highly specialized professional offerings. Our many 中心和研究院 deliver innovative co-curricular programming 和 experiential learning opportunities that challenge students to tackle real-world problems. The result is an uncommonly rich 和 exciting educational experience.

Diversity, Equity, 和 Inclusion

Two U N E students wearing surgical scrubs work on a patient simulator

提供一个温暖的, 欢迎, 和 inclusive campus community has been an enduring tenet of 澳客网官网首页 from its earliest days. 从澳客网官网的 historical roots grounded in providing educational opportunities to marginalized populations to the high percentage of first-generation college students among our community, 你可能会说 一些 存在于澳客网官网的DNA中. Our 全球 Education Program offerings — from short-term travel courses to full semester abroad experiences at our beautiful campus in 丹吉尔、摩洛哥 — immerse students in rich cultural discovery leading to newfound personal 和 geographic connections. 


A U N E student leans over the edge of a boat over the water to place a research device in the ocean.

澳客网官网首页 is a private institution with an impressive 研究和奖学金 相对于其大小的剖面. As the university with the most NIH funding in the state of Maine 和 an R2 classification, 澳客网官网首页 provides abundant opportunities for students to engage in research experiences. These opportunities extend to undergraduate 和 graduate students alike.


a group of U N E student wearing graduation regalia st和 和 applaud

从澳客网官网的 academic 和 career advisory services 使用个性化的, holistic advising approach; to our Internship Office that connects students with vital, h和s-on experiences; to specialized advising for members of our pre-health, 未申报, 以及转学学生, 澳客网官网首页 has a wealth of services to ensure our students achieve their personal 和 educational goals 和 are well-poised for their future.


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