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Ramaz Geguchadze, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor


Stella Maris 208A




Selected publications

  1. M. Beauchemin, R. Geguchadze, A.R. Guntur, K. Nevola, P.T. Le, D. Barlow, M. Rue, C.P.H. Vary, C.W. Lary, K.J. Motyl, K.L. Houseknecht (2019). Exploring mechanisms of increased cardiovascular disease risk with antipsychotic medications: Risperidone alters the cardiac proteomic signature in mice. Pharmacol. Research.

  2. Courtney A Rieder, Jonathan Rieder, Sebastien Sannajust, Diana Goode, Ramaz Geguchadze, Ryan F Relich, Derek C Molliver, Tamara E King, James Vaughn, Meghan May (2019). A novel mechanism of zika virus host cell binding. Viruses. 28, 11 (12), E1101, doi: 10.3390/v11121101

  3. Courtney A Rieder, Jonathan Rider, Sebastien J Sannajust, Diana Goode, Ramaz Geguchadze, Ryan F. Relich, Derek C Molliver, Tamara E King, James Vaughn, Meghan May (2018). Mechanisms of Host Cell Binding and Neurotropism of Zika Virus. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/350603

  4. Wang Z, Benza RL, Zourelias L, Sanguino A, Geguchadze R, Shields KJ, Wu C, Highland KB, Passineau MJ (2017). In vivo endocrine secretion of prostacyclin following expression of a Cyclooxygenase-1/Prostacyclin fusion protein in the salivary glands of rats via non-viral gene therapy. Hum Gene Ther. 28, 8,

  5. Janto B., Kress-Bennett J.M., Hiller N.L., Eutsey R., Dahlgren M.E., Earl J.P., Byers B., Powell E., Ahmed A., Schultz M., Geguchadze R., Passineau M.J., Post J.C., Hu F.Z., Ehrlich G.D. (2014). The Lsr Quorum Sensing Locus Controls Expression of a Major Virulence Factor (vHiSLR) and an Anaerobic Respiration Regulon in Haemophilus influenzae. May 2014. EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases.

  6. Ramaz Geguchadze, Zhimin Wang, Lee Zourelias, Paola Perez-Riveros, Paul Edwards, Michael Passineau (2014). Proteomic profiling of salivary gland after non-viral gene transfer mediated by conventional plasmids and minicircles. Molecular Therapy. Methods and Clinical Development, 1, 14007, doi:10.1038/mtm.2014.7.

  7. Ramaz Geguchadze, Lee Zourelias, Phillip H Gallo, Michael J Passineau (2012). An AAV2/5 vector enhances safety of gene transfer to the mouse salivary gland. J. Dent. Res. 91, 4, 382-386.

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