U N E Vice President for 全球 Affairs, Anouar马吉德Anouar马吉德
(207) 221-4447

Vice President for 全球 Affairs Anouar马吉德 has primary responsibility over globalizing the experience of learning at the University of New England. His office oversees 澳客网官网首页's Tangier campus in Morocco, all partnership agreements and research collaborations with foreign institutions, all study away experiences, and any form of international exchange.

Majid has a longstanding interest in the related issues of culture, identity and globalization. His critically acclaimed academic books have been published by leading university presses, 比如明尼苏达州, 杜克大学和斯坦福大学. His book on America and 伊斯兰教 designed for the general reader was published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2012 and reissued in paperback, with a new preface, in 2015. Majid is also a novelist and co-founder and editor of Tingis,在线杂志. (查看马吉德的 奖学金简介.)

Majid is equally interested in the relationship between scholarship and education. He has published three articles on culture and education in the Chronicle of Higher Education, two of which have been reprinted as lead articles in 教育文摘》, the Association of American 大学 and Universities’ 多样性 & 民主, as well as in various college textbooks. 迄今为止, 纽约时报 has published six of Majid’s letters to the editor on higher education. To launch the Center for 全球 Humanities, Majid published an op-ed on the significance of the humanities in Maine's Portland Press Herald.

Majid lectures regularly in the United States and around the world on the topics of identity, 伊斯兰教, the West and coexistence. Because of his cross-cultural work, he represented the Kingdom of Morocco in a first-of-its-kind summit with the National Association of Evangelicals hosted by the World Bank in 2008. 除了 Chronicle of Higher Education, 他的文章, op-eds and interviews have appeared in major American, 摩洛哥, and international media outlets. His work and life have been profiled on the Bill Moyers Journal, NPR电台, 半岛电视台, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “法国24小时”, 等.

During his tenure at 澳客网官网首页, Majid has taught courses on African, 阿拉伯, 墨西哥, 印第安人, American and international literatures and cultures as well as on cultural studies, film and postcolonial theory. He hosted university-wide colloquia for many years, led several educational trips to Morocco and Mexico, and directed 澳客网官网首页’s first semester-abroad program in 1997. He spearheaded the feasibility study for the 全球 Studies major in the 1990s and was its founding director. He also founded the Department of English, which he chaired from 2000 to 2009, and the Center for 全球 Humanities in 2009, which he continues to direct. After hosting prominent lectures on the Tangier campus, he launched the 丹吉尔全球论坛 in September 2016.

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