Take a deep dive into the mysterious world beneath the water’s surface. Become skilled in caring 为 the aquatic animals and plants that populate our zoos and aquariums, and learn the intricacies of the fastest-growing sector of the food industry: the cultivation of marine and freshwater species. 澳客网官网首页’s bachelor’s degree 水产养殖和水族馆科学 prepares you 为 a range of aquatic science professions, and there is no better place 为 your studies than our unique riverside and oceanfront campus.

联合国海洋科学学生Katie Dimm
[The faculty] support has shaped my experience and is why I have so many phenomenal things going on. 通过他们的集体专业知识, I have been able to carry out cutting-edge 研究 that I know will have an impact.

为什么一个 为 Aquaculture and Aquarium 科学

With the only Bachelor of 科学 program 水产养殖和水族馆科学 in the U.S.纽恩大学是您学习的理想场所. Located at the convergence of the Saco River and Atlantic Ocean, we offer direct access to both fresh and salt waters as well as cutting-edge facilities.

  • Recirculating aquaculture, aquaponics, and flow-through seawater systems
  • 水族馆科学与保护实验室
  • 斑马鱼设施
  • On-campus administration of AALSO (Aquatic Animal Life Support Organization) Level 1 Certification exam


An aquaculture major interning at an oyster farm in Georgetown, 缅因州, Chris is learning — hands on — how to raise a sustainable, renewable protein source with the goal of starting his own oyster farm. 


While developing a solid foundation in aquatic sciences, you will acquire strong analytical business skills, 掌握广泛的技术技能, and nurture your ability to work closely with others through classes, 研究, 和实习. With virtually all of the program's graduates employed in their field or accepted into graduate school within six months of receiving their diplomas, we know that our students leave the program ready to succeed. They have pursued a wide range of professions, 包括:

  • 水生收集馆长
  • 企业家
  • 增殖
  • 水质技术员
  • 鱼的农民
  • 兽医
  • 孵化器经理
  • 渔业生物学家


Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, 职业建议 是来帮你计划下一步的吗.


毕业生的就业 or 进入研究生院 毕业一年内



在缅因州 找工作

(Zippia, 2021)


One of the most important considerations when committing to a college or university is cost. We work with you and your family to help make your education af为dable by pricing our tuition competitively and offering financial assistance.



There are many ways you can navigate this major. The following are some examples of the exciting courses that you can take:

  • 水产养殖的原则
  • Techniques in Finfish and Shellfish Culture
  • 健康, Nutrition, and Feeding of Cultured Organisms
  • 鱼类遗传学
  • 水族馆经营原则 & 科学
  • 环境微生物学

澳客网官网的4 + 1 B.S./M.S. track lets you complete your undergraduate degree and master’s in Biological 科学s in just five years.

要了解有关该程序的更多信息,请参见 课程 或访问 目录.



Our Aquaculture and Aquarium 科学 degree program provides a skills-heavy, hands-on curriculum that uses an applied approach to marine and freshwater aquatic sciences, giving you real-world experiences — because studying is not the same as doing.


  • Learn to care 为 aquatic animals and plants
  • 设计和操作水培系统
  • Master the principles of water movement and filtration
  • Per为m your own 研究, beginning freshman year
  • Attend and present at national conferences


Our active community partnership with many organizations provides work experience at diverse sites, 包括:

  • 无以匹敌的牡蛎有限公司.
  • 新英格兰水族馆服务
  • Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance and Hatchery
  • 盖亚的生活

如需更多信息,请联系 文理学院 Internship Office 海洋科学s contact Cynthia Simon at (207) 602-2540 or csimon@lbm-efo.com.



Imagine yourself exploring the coral reefs of Belize, experiencing first-hand the biodiversity off the Panama coast, 或者和加拉帕戈斯海狮一起浮潜. 澳客网官网首页提供了几种不同的 旅游的课程, many of which focus on marine life, in a wide variety of locations across the globe. Or perhaps you would prefer a longer immersion experience. We offer semester-long study abroad programs in 西班牙, 法国, 冰岛,在 澳客网官网在摩洛哥拥有自己的国际校园.

对出国留学感兴趣? 和你的导师一起制定计划.


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