M.S. in Marine Sciences Admissions

As a GMAR student at 澳客网官网首页, you will study theoretical underpinnings and applications of disciplines from biology and chemistry to geology and physics and learn to apply these disciplines to solving real-world problems. In addition, you will have the opportunity to focus on a thesis research experience where you will conduct original research and prepare a thesis on a topic selected by you while experiencing our seaside location and cutting-edge facilities.

Important Application Dates

  • For Program Starting: Fall 2023
  • All applicants should 通过毕业生集中申请服务申请 (GradCAS).
  • 2023年秋季入学申请门户 September 8, 2022
  • Application Deadline: February 1, 2023

Application Process

  • 所有完整的申请都由项目教员审核, 在2月1日申请截止日期后作出决定.
  • 所有申请人必须满足最低要求才能被考虑录取. 但是,请注意,达到最低要求并不能保证入学.
  • Applications are reviewed and considered for admission based on a combination of academics and experience that best fits with the program's current open research opportunities.
  • 决定函将于3月中旬开始发出.

有关具体的学习日期,请参阅 澳客网官网首页 Academic Calendar.


Admissions Requirements


澳客网官网海洋学院参与了 毕业生集中申请服务(GradCAS). 所有申请人均须透过这项服务在网上申请.

Degree Requirement

完成美国大学的学士学位.S. 在入学前具有地区认证资格的机构,或具有同等国际资格的机构.

  • All applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. 正式成绩单应该直接寄到 GradCAS. Please see GradCAS 申请附加信息和说明.

GPA Requirements

  • 理工科本科最低累计平均绩点3.0 is required.
  • 所有申请人必须满足最低GPA要求才能被考虑录取.


Marine Science Track
Course Subject Course Detail Course Credits
Biology Lab required 16个学期或24个季度学分
General Chemistry Lab required 12个学期或18个季度学分
Physics Lab required 8个学期或12个季度学分
Calculus Lab not required 4 semester or 6 quarter credits
Oceanography Track
Course Subject Course Detail Course Credits
General Chemistry Lab required 8个学期或12个季度学分
Physics Lab required 8个学期或12个季度学分
Calculus Lab not required 4 semester or 6 quarter credits
数学、化学、物理、地质或生物 Lab required 16个学期或24个季度学分


  • All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better (“C minus” grades are not acceptable).
  • 在申请时,先决课程可能正在进行或计划中, although all courses must be completed with an official transcript submitted to the Office of Graduate Admission prior to the start of the program.

Online courses offered through 澳客网官网首页在线科学先决条件 以及其他地区认可的美国在线课程.S. 经过项目批准,学院或大学是可以接受的.

Standardized Tests

  • Satisfactory completion of the Graduate Record Exam(GRE) within 5 years of application.
  • GRE成绩报告应直接提交澳客网官网GradCAS. 请参考GradCAS申请项目GRE代码和提交说明.

Personal Statement

  • Please refer to the GradCAS application for specific writing prompt and additional information.


  • A current resume is required and should be uploaded directly to your GradCAS application.

Letters of Reference

申请人须提交三(3)封推荐信* -经由GradCAS递交

  • Letters should come from a person of your choice who can speak to your academic and/or professional experience.


International Applicants

International applicants and those with foreign degrees and coursework are required to satisfy the following additional requirements:

  • 官方资格评定由 World Education Service (WES),确认其程度和等级与美国的同等.S. bachelor’s degree. 完成的证书评估应直接发送澳客网官网GradCAS. Please refer to the International Admissions section of the 澳客网官网首页 website for more information on the type of credential evaluation required for admission review.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate written and spoken fluency through the successful completion of a 澳客网官网首页-approved English language proficiency test.
  • Applicants should refer to the English Language Proficiency page on the 澳客网官网首页 website for specific information on acceptable tests and minimum score requirements.
  • 请参阅GradCAS申请表,以了解考试成绩的提交说明.

Other Important Notes

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete and submit an application well before the application deadline for earliest consideration.
  • 在申请过程之前或早期, applicants are strongly advised to communicate with 澳客网官网首页 faculty with whom they would like to work.
  • Meeting with faculty during the application process does not in any way negate the need to fully complete the application and admissions process.
  • Program faculty review all qualified applicants and admit students based on a combination of academics and experiences that best fit with open research opportunities.
  • All completed applications will be reviewed by the program admissions committee after the application deadline, 决定在3月中旬寄出.
  • Applications completed after the posted deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.
  • Applicants offered admission will be expected to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure a seat in the program.
  • The non-refundable deposit is applied toward fees not covered by the assistantship or grant received upon acceptance.
  • Should the candidate decide not to matriculate in the program, the deposit will be forfeited.

Note: All materials submitted as part of the application become the property of 澳客网官网首页 and will not be returned or released to anyone, including the applicant. 这项政策包括推荐信, 主要和次要应用, personal statements, transcripts, and other supporting materials.

由于COVID-19大流行的持续发展, some application requirements and processes may change during the cycle for the health and safety of the university, its employees, 和未来的学生/申请人. 感谢您的灵活安排和考虑.

Policy Exceptions

  • Policies are established to ensure fair and consistent admissions practice for all applicants to the university and its programs.
  • All criteria presented in this summary are subject to change per professional accreditation requirements, 课程及/或其他院校标准的改变, 以及临床从属要求.
  • Exceptions to existing admission policies are rare and made only when it is deemed necessary and appropriate to maintain fair and consistent practice for all candidates, not individual candidates.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

To remain in the M.S. in Marine Sciences program, the student's cumulative graduate GPA must be a minimum of 3.0. GPA低于3的学生.0 or who receives a grade below B- in any course taken for graduate credit will be placed on academic probation.

Program Completion Timeline

学生最多有五年的时间来完成毕业要求. 两学年后(秋季和春季学期), students who have completed their coursework but are still completing their theses are required to enroll in a thesis continuation credit per semester to remain in the program.


任何学期的平均绩点低于3的研究生.0分或累计绩点低于3分者.0, or who receives a class grade below a B- for any class taken for graduate credit is automatically placed on probation. A student placed on academic probation will be granted one fall or spring semester to raise his/her cumulative GPA to 3.0分或以上,平均学分绩点最低须达到3分.本学期成绩为0分,不能获得B-以下的二级成绩. Marine Programs and the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will consider for dismissal any student who fails to meet these criteria.


Graduate Admissions

联系研究生招生办公室,电话(207)602-2212或电子邮件 gradadmissions2@lbm-efo.com.

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