Put your passion for protecting the environment on a sound business foundation as you prepare for a career in the new green economy. Explore and learn on our unique coastal campus, 占地540英亩, 包括海岸线, 河岸, 林地, 湿地, 沙丘, 和春天的池. Through highly collaborative and interdisciplinary study, you’ll discover how to bring together environmental, 社会, financial concepts as we work together to create a more sustainable world.

Headshot of U N E sustainability and business student Ariana Walker
可持续性 and business is helping me see the connections between business and the environment. It allows me to explore how businesses can have the smallest impact on the planet but still reach their profit goals.


Our tagline says it all: “Innovation for a 健康ier Planet.” Our commitment to the environment and our dedication to out-of-the-box thinking makes 澳客网官网首页 the ideal place to earn your degree 可持续发展与商业. 用澳客网官网的电动汽车充电站, 可持续发展的景观, 绿色生活墙, 可食用的校园活动, 及绿色循环基金, we celebrate a University-wide commitment to green practices.

  • 绿色学习社区 for first-year students
  • Marine 科学 Center with aquaponics, aquaculture, fisheries labs
  • 海藻养殖的研究
  • Makerspace for innovative ideation and prototyping


Perhaps you’re an aspiring green entrepreneur, or maybe you’re interested in the management of corporate sustainability practices. 无论你的愿望把你带到哪里, 你将带着这些知识毕业, 实习的经历, 分析技巧, ethical grounding you need to have a successful career combining business and sustainability. 相关职业包括:

  • 首席可持续发展官
  • 绿色企业及企业经理
  • LEED认证施工经理
  • 绿色或可持续的企业家
  • 可持续性项目开发人员
  • 环境及公共事务主任
  • 社区经济发展经理

Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, the 就业辅导处 是来帮你计划下一步的吗. 


毕业生的就业 or 进入研究生院 毕业一年内


number of times 澳客网官网首页 was ranked among the most environmentally responsible colleges



One of the most important considerations when committing to a college or university is cost. We work with you and your family to help make your education affordable by pricing our tuition competitively and offering financial assistance.



There are many ways you can navigate this major. The following are some examples of the exciting courses that the 可持续性和业务 degree offers:

  • 可持续性 and Ecological Restoration
  • Climate Change Adaptation: Planning and Policy
  • Environmental Movements and Social Change
  • 生态经济学
  • 非营利组织的管理
  • 社会创新与创业

有关更多信息,请参见 课程 或查看 目录.


第一年业务, 通信, 体育及康乐管理, Marine Entrepreneurship majors are able to participate on a competitive basis in the 绿色学习社区 (相关). The GLC is an intentional community of professors and first-year students dedicated to studying human relations to the environment through many ways of knowing. You will study environmental issues through the integrated lenses of biology, 文学, 环境研究, 和经济学.


The 可持续性和业务 degree at 澳客网官网首页 provides hands-on learning, 在教室里和教室外, to give you real-world experiences and the confidence to make a difference.


  • Use the latest technologies in the Makerspace, such as 3D printers and CNC routers
  • 应用 learning to actual environmental problems as part of the first-year 绿色学习社区
  • Conduct research on sustainable products, such as aquaponically grown vegetables and farmed shitake mushrooms


  • Participate in 澳客网官网首页’s Student Innovation Challenge, a University-wide idea-stage competition
  • Intern on campus at 澳客网官网首页’s Office of 可持续性 or off campus at various aquaculture farms and fisheries or other institutions, 包括:
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    • 缅因州海湾研究所
    • Manomet U360:经济系统
    • 新英格兰水族馆
    • 毕格罗海洋科学实验室
    • 威尔斯国家河口保护区



Travel the globe to learn about environmental concerns and — possible solutions — in other geographic areas. Learn about human impact on the rainforests of Costa Rica, explore the unique ecosystems of 冰岛, or work on environmental and community development issues in Kenya. Other trips include excursions to Mexico, Cuba, Ireland, other exciting countries. If you would prefer a longer cultural immersion experience, we offer 学期在国外 in 西班牙法国摩洛哥冰岛.

对出国留学感兴趣? 和你的导师一起制定计划.


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