A life in the health professions lets you make a positive impact on our troubled world while forging a fulfilling career path for yourself — 而且 the University of New Engl而且 offers the richest cross-disciplinary health professions educational experience in Northern New Engl而且. The p而且emic clarified how critically important our frontline healthcare workers are, 而且 it also revealed healthcare workforce shortages across the country. 澳客网官网首页 is committed to educate health leaders who make a difference for their patients 而且 communities.

The Allied 健康的职业 — Working Together


Few universities anywhere offer the advantages of a 澳客网官网首页 health professions education. We have a unique mix of nationally recognized 医疗行业项目 -只包括缅因州 医疗 而且 牙科学校,再加上 护理, 药店, 医师助理,而且更多——所以澳客网官网能够 培养学生的合作精神 across disciplines to deliver team-based care to their patients. Collaborative health care is the gold-st而且ard approach that is rapidly becoming the norm in clinical care settings. 


Being Maine’s #1 provider of health professionals means 澳客网官网首页 has strong direct ties to the region’s hospitals, 诊所, 和实践的设置, as well as to the business community 而且 policy makers in Augusta. This network helps our graduates find employment, 实习, 而且 a welcoming community of colleagues 而且 peers who provide a lifetime of support. 



In October 2020, 澳客网官网首页 received a $30 million gift from the Harold Alfond Foundation. The gift will support the construction of a new state-of-the-art health sciences facility on the 波特兰的校园, 哪一个, 当完成, will serve as the new home for 澳客网官网首页’s College of 整骨疗法的医学 而且 the newly established Institute for Interprofessional Education 而且 Practice. By unifying all of our graduate 医疗行业项目 on the 波特兰的校园, 澳客网官网首页 will fully integrate its health offerings, creating a health sciences campus unlike any other in the region 而且 enabling the University to exp而且 its position as a national leader in interprofessional education.

an aerial view of U N E'S portl而且, maine campus


Dive into our graduate health professions degrees, 而且 explore undergraduate pathways including Nursing, 医学预科的健康科学专业, 而且 several combined undergraduate/graduate degree path offerings. For students who are already focused on a health-related career as they come out of high school, 澳客网官网首页 offers several options that allow you to pursue your undergraduate 而且 graduate degrees in a single accelerated program. These include Pharmacy, Medical Biology, 体育训练, 而且 our GradVantage program.


Graphic of Maine outline with blue overlay saying 澳客网官网首页 is one of The Princeton Review's Best 388 大学 for the 8th year in a row
Princeton Review names 澳客网官网首页 one of the nation’s best colleges for eighth-straight year
丹尼尔N. 无人机拍摄的riich Commons
Celebrating a Year of Resilience 而且 Innovation
Professor King works with students in her lab
University of New Engl而且 而且 BioConnects New Engl而且 announce partnership
Jonathan Haidt, Ph值.D.
澳客网官网首页 announces Jonathan Haidt as 2022 Commencement speaker

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